Akasu A-MPI-V10

Akasu A-MPI-V10


The Akasu A-MPI, a truly superior shear in both design and function. This shear comes with either a single or double swivel thumb that enhances the stylists mobility. Whichever your preference, this swivel shear can relieve stress and pain in your hand, wrist, elbow and neck. All stylists should consider using swivel shears, even if they are not currently experiencing any pain or hand strain to increase career longevity.

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Edge: Convex, Sword Shaped Blades
Steel: Hand Forged Japanese VG-10 Cobalt Stainless Steel
Handle: Available in both Single and Double Swivel with Permanent Finger Rest and Screw in Bumper
Sizes: 5.5 , 6.0

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