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Shear Enterprises is a female owned and operated Shear Company in Portland, Oregon. The company was founded in 2005 and the owner has trained and worked with many different shear manufacturing companies. We have years of shear experience and carry several different high-end shear brands. We have a large selection of the best quality hair cutting shears on the market for our clients to choose from. We want our clients to be confident that the shear they invest in will become their favorite shear to use.


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About Us

At Shear Enterprises, we strive to be an innovative force in the shear industry. All of our shear lines are made with the finest Japanese steel and
unsurpassed craftsmanship.

We have built our company by providing our clients with personalized customer service and offering an extensive selection of quality Japanese steel hair styling shears for reasonable prices. Shears are an investment and shopping for the perfect pair can be daunting. Let our experts assist you in finding the set of shears that will perform the best for you and your hair cutting style.

Enjoy browsing our website and contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns, or just need someone to help fit you for the perfect shear for your personal needs.