Akasu A-646

Akasu A-646


The ATX-646 is 46 tooth, longer bladed thinning shear which is great for scissor over comb cutting. Barbers love this shear.

  • High quality hand-forged Japanese 440C Stainless Steel,

  • The convexed edge and hollow-ground blades will produce outstanding cutting results and will remove all demarcation lines.

  • The Akasu ATX-646 has Opposing Handles and Double Tangs that allow the stylist to flip the shears for a different cutting technique .

  • Shear length is 6.25” with 46 teeth.

  • Removes about 45% of the hair.

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Edge: Convex
Steel: Japanese 440 C Stainless Steel
Handle: Opposing handles with double tangs. Tension: Countersunk Keyed Tension Control Sizes: 6.5 Inches Teeth: 46 Straight Teeth (removes approx. 45% of the hair)

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